Letter from the RMEL Foundation President Paul Compton, Kiewit



RMEL Members and Affiliates - 

First and foremost, I would like to thank RMEL members and affiliates, as well as donating organizations, for their contributions and support over the years. As a result of this generosity, the RMEL Foundation has made significant contributions to young people seeking further education in the energy field, and to the industry by attracting and retaining some of the best minds and talent in the country. I am more confident than ever that we have made—and will continue to make—a tangible impact by awarding scholarships to deserving individuals and connecting the industry and the student.

I am thrilled to be a part of this foundation and for the opportunity to work with industry professionals that have similar goals. The RMEL Foundation’s mission has not changed and is as relevant as ever—to utilize member engagement to support educational opportunities, specifically targeting quality students pursuing careers in the electric utility industry.

For 19 years, the RMEL Foundation has awarded scholarships to deserving and qualified students in engineering, business, information systems, plant, line or distribution technology, line worker or other curriculum related to the electric energy industry. The first scholarships were awarded in the spring of 2001, and since that time, have continually increased in number due, in large part, to the monies raised at the RMEL Foundation silent auction fundraiser held during the annual RMEL Fall Executive Leadership and Management Convention. As of 2019, the RMEL Foundation has awarded 320 scholarships, totaling $743,500.

RMEL giving allows for individuals to contribute funds without incurring the administrative costs of scholarship programs. We are inviting and encouraging you, as an RMEL member, to contribute financial support to the RMEL Foundation in order to provide opportunities for deserving young men and women to earn their college degree and enter our vital industry.

I want to personally encourage all member companies to promote the RMEL Foundation scholarships within their service territories and to their clients. All contributions to the RMEL Foundation are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. If you wish to contribute, please fill out the donation form and return with a check payable to the RMEL Foundation.

I look forward to a great year filled with even more opportunities to strengthen the conduit between student and gainful employment in our industry. 

Best Regards,

Paul Compton
President, RMEL Foundation
Sr. VP, Business Development, Kiewit